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Whether you’re starting a new business or launching a new brand, you’ll need an identity for your company which tells your brand’s story and differentiates you from your competitors. Whatever your business and requirements – from the design of your logo, to the creation of your website – our aim is to bring out your brand’s true personality, with intelligent ideas and carefully crafted design solutions.



Consumers are prepared to pay a premium for brands that offer them relevant added values, which their competitors don’t (or can’t) emulate. Branding is all about effectively communicating these values to the consumer. When consistently done this provides us with clarity and simplicity in a progressively hectic world. Successful brands are the culmination of a cohesive marketing process, through which the consumer gains a clear perception of these values – and sustains belief in them – promoting brand loyalty. Brand image plays a vital role in the process, being the catalyst for the emergence of a brand’s ‘personality’.

logo design / brand image / 3d branding



For the majority of brands, packaging design is not an optional extra: it’s an absolute functional necessity. Products need packaging of some sort. Not just for practical reasons; the pack is a powerful ‘silent salesman’ at the moment of decision to buy, and at the moment of use (when ads are not present). Consequently, packaging plays a crucial role in creating brand awareness, communicating brand values and developing brand loyalty. So the question is not whether to do it, it’s how to do it, and how to do it well.

design / STRUCTURAL DESIGN / 3d modelling



Stationery, brochures and corporate literature are all parts of your necessary marketing mix. But it’s not just about throwing your logo into them, because they all have a lot of work to do. They have to give a good first impression and evoke a positive emotional response in your customers. They must also represent you and your brand when you’re not around. You never know when you are going to meet a potential client or customer. Atelier De Moratti creates effective and bespoke designs for all of these important materials, ensuring your business gets noticed and remembered.

stationery / brochure / corporate literature

website design


For any business, a website is now an absolute must-have. At Atelier De Moratti we know from experience that any website (whether it’s a site promoting a product or a corporation) that is to become an efficient marketing tool needs to effectively communicate its brand values and be intuitive and user friendly. Because of its comprehensive and easy to use content management system, all our websites are powered by the WordPress platform. It allows our clients to have full control of their website content and, most importantly, to keep it up-to-date, enabling them to maximise the effectiveness of their online marketing.

design / construction / seo